Roving Services

     We are now offering carding services!  Send me your clean fleeces (no weight minimum) and I will wash (if needed) and produce roving ready for spinning or felting on our Patrick Green Rover.  Prices are $6.00/pound to wash this is only necessary if you request it or if I determine that the wool is not clean enough to go through the machine.  Basically, if it feels the least bit greasy, it will need to be washed before being carded.  Roving cost is $5.00/pound plus shipping.
     Please make sure wool is well skirted and contains NO bugs!  Include in your shipping container your name, address and phone number, color and type of wool and any special instructions.  I trust that most customers know a bit about what they are sending and will not send felted or damaged wool that may have trouble being carded.  If I feel that there may be problems with the processing, I will call you to discuss.